What makes a memorable dining experience?

Photo from Pigeonhole Instagram (@pigeonholeyyc).
Photo from Pigeonhole Instagram (@pigeonholeyyc).

Near the end of the year, you see a lot of lists about top news stories of the year, the best new restaurants that opened and the trends that came and went. Many people do personal recaps of memorable events and reflect on everything that’s happened over the past 12 months.

So what makes a dining experience memorable? While most of us eat every day, some meals stand out more than others, and few even manage to make it to our personal top 10 lists. Many would say that it’s the company, atmosphere and the food--basically, how it made them feel.

In addition to the friends and the atmosphere, let's not forget that the prospect of making new friends and having easy access to the best restaurants can make a spectacular evening. Recently, American Express Canada gave all Canadians the opportunity to experience the benefits of membership through www.AmexInvites.ca. It all started in Calgary with an evening of good eating at Pigeonhole where eleceted entrants were able to attend the event like an Amex Cardmember. What made the evening even better was the fact that the restaurant was just crowned Canada’s Best New Restaurant as determined by enRoute Magazine.

Sitting right by the open kitchen of the bustling room, our group of eager food enthusiasts chatted about everything, from travel to photography, as we tasted the dishes from such an acclaimed restaurant. Starting with oysters and bubbly, we moved onto some of the more signature dishes: beets and halloumi, Asian-inspired grilled duck leg, ricotta dumplings with hedgehog mushrooms and confit onions, and perfectly fried potato and cod pierogies.

The meal wrapped up with chocolate pot de creme, buttermilk panna cotta and a lemon tart with a pine nut crust. It’s not everyday that you get to pretty much sample the entire menu of the best new restaurant in the country, with a group of people who are all as passionate about food as you are.

If this is only the dining experience, we can’t even imagine what an exclusive concert experience would be, with Front Of The Line access to shows.

We can’t always live like rock stars--dine at the newest and best restaurants every night, or attend all the concerts we want--but our best moments come through experiences that are designed for us. No matter what your taste or style, Amex has an experience for you. Unlock your next memorable moment at www.AmexInvites.ca.