Canadian DYK: Regina has their own style of pizza

This beloved style of pizza has been around since 1970s

When you think of the variations of pizza, Neapolitan pizza and Chicago deep-dish may come to mind, but what about Regina style?

What makes this pizza special is its thick crust, which is desperately needed to hold up the mountain of toppings that a Regina-style pizza is known for. Because of its thickness, the crust has the same chewiness as a bagel, with a slight sweetness.

Piled high with various meats, and green peppers to represent the Roughriders football team,this inch-thick pizza is topped with copious amounts of cheese, and baked under high heat to brown the cheese.

So, who's responsible for this Regina-style pizza? Numerous Greek families who opened pizza places have a hand in creating this style. John Kolitsas founded the original Houston Pizza in 1970 with the generous pizza style, while Jim Bonis founded Western Pizza in 1976. Tom Yianibas and Pericles Dionissiou opened Juliana Pizza in 1972. All of them have contributed to crafting this the Regina-Style pizza.