7 amazing spots in Vancouver for ice cream and frozen desserts

Must-try ice cream shops and bakeries with delicious frozen treats in Vancouver

The frozen blueberry mousse from Vancouver's Beaucoup Bakery is a must-try summer treat.

It’s usually hot in Vancouver these days, like really hot, but no need to worry because this city is full of frosty confections that can melt even the hottest of hearts.

From vanilla blueberry iced mousse parfait, to ube corn ice cream sandwiches, we've got the scoop on 7 Vancouver shops that are making delicious treats that are perfect for helping us all cool down.

BETA5 Chocolates

BETA5 Chocolates is always known for playful creations and their latest ‘WON’T UBE MINE’ collaboration with celeb chef Mark Singson is a perfect example of that.

This corn and ube ice cream sandwich features ube sugar cookies and corn ice cream padded with crushed Cheezies. It’s only available for a limited time so do not miss out!

Rain and Shine Homemade Ice Cream

Rain or shine, the people flock to Rain or Shine. It’s always exciting to see what unique mix of cycling seasonal options and classic go-to flavours they have to try. While all the flavours are worth a taste, their Peanut Butter is truly exceptional, made with creamy organic peanut butter from Burnaby.

If you’re searching for a great ice cream joint, you can’t miss them, their landmark spot on West 4th Ave always has a lineup down the road.

Earnest Ice Cream

Earnest has a history in Van for crafting small-batch ice cream perfection. During the summer months it’s not uncommon to see lines snaking out the door, which is a testament to this ice cream maker being regarded as one of the best in the entire country.

Their salted caramel is their crown jewel flavour; deep, toasty and luxurious. Be sure to stop by and give it a try!

Innocent Ice Cream Parlour

With handmade ice cream nestled between freshly baked cookies, Innocent Ice Cream is serving up the nostalgia of homemade ice cream sandwiches. Their 100% gluten free menu is unique and creative, sporting flavours like “Elvis” featuring bananas. 

You can find them on the east side or book their truck, trike or cooler! Did we mention how cute the branding is? 

Krave Kulture Yogurt Shop

Okay Krave Kulture, we see you! This North Van yogurt shop is having a TikTok moment lately, dishing out a variety of vibrant yogurt goods made with no additives, and organic BC dairy like bowls, smoothies, and kefir.

Here, the frozen yogurt can be topped with a variety of fresh fruits or candy to customise your treat. Their Mexican inspired Pica Mango has mango and pineapple chunks tossed in lime and tajin, drizzled with chamoy and topped with chocolate covered mango—muy caliente!

Beaucoup Bakery

A staple of the Vancouver pastry scene, Beaucoup Bakery has recently entered the frozen dessert realm. Given their top-notch reputation for creating delicious baked goods, you know their frozen treats are going to deliver.

The bakery is currently serving two frozen creations: the Chocolate Indulgence, and the Vanilla Blueberry Iced Mousse Parfait. The latter features bright and sweet BC blueberry jam, a walnut praline crunch, caramel and lime cremeux.

Their patio is conveniently located right off the Arbutus bikeway, so make a day of it and stop by to see what all the buzz is about.

Say Hello Sweets

This charming “ice cream” shop has an origin story almost as sweet as their treats! What started as a venture to re-pay a hefty vet bill loan, has quickly grown into one of Vancouver’s most beloved spots devoted to plant-based options for classic frozen confections.

Check them out either at their food truck or their east side location in Chinatown. The strawberry ice cream sandwich is particularly lucious, creamy and oh so dreamy.


There you have it, a line up of treats to escape the heat! Stay cool out their Vancouverites.