ICYMI: Offensive pet food packaging, Harvest Creek Chicken Nuggets linked to salmonella outbreak, food price in Yukon and more

Issues with The Honest Kitchen's pet food packaging, protesters target Antler Kitchen and Bar, U.S. limits Canada’s plans for food warning labels  

Image for ICYMI: The Honest Kitchen pet-food packaging offended buyers, Harvest Creek Chicken Nuggets caused salmonella outbreak, survey on food costs in Yukon and more

From packaging to food safety, to food prices, last week's news was full of companies that need to make some changes. 

The Honest Kitchen Company needs to re-evaluate the packaging on its dog-food products after the company added the offensive statement “No ingredients from China” on their packaging.

Harvest Creek Chicken Nuggets needs to make some urgent changes to their product. Their frozen breaded chicken products are closely linked with the recent salmonella outbreak in Canada.

The prices of healthy foods in the Yukon needs some adjustment as well. The recent survey by Yukon Anti-Poverty Coalition showed that people living in the north of the province pay almost twice as much for food as people living in the south.

Toronto restaurateur pushes back on animal-right protesters

Animal-rights protesters targeted Michael Hunter, co-owner and chef of Toronto’s Antler Restaurant & Bar, for serving wild animals at his restaurant. Hunter serves this type of meat due to his strong opposition to factory farming and his support of socially responsible practices. After the protesters showed up in front of his restaurant several times, Hunter decided to “fight back” by carving meat by the window behind the protesters.

Read more about the restaurateur’s response to the protests in the The Globe and Mail.

Label on pet food packaging offends custumers

The Honest Kitchen company included the statement, “No ingredients from China” on the packaging of its pet-food products. This culturally stereotypical label understandably offended some buyers. What are their opinions about the incident and the brand?

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U. S. might halt Canada’s plans to adopt food warning labels

Canada’s plans for putting warning labels on unhealthy foods might be halted. The United States is trying to limit member countries’ ability to adopt these labels in NAFTA negotiations. What was the reaction of Canada’s health minister on the situation?

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Harvest Creek Chicken Nuggets linked to salmonella outbreak

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency recalled Harvest Creek Chicken Nuggets after the connection was confirmed between the recent salmonella outbreak and the product. The product was sold mainly on the East Coast. There are currently 30 cases of the illness in Canada.

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Yukoners face drastic differences in food prices within the province

Yukon Anti-Poverty Coalition conducted a survey highlighting huge differences in food costs at various locations in the province. The study shows that a family living in the north of the province pays almost twice as much for healthy foods per week than a family living in Whitehorse. What are some solutions to the situation?

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