One Day in Whitehorse: Top Chef Canada Season 10 competitor Chris Irving

Where the Top Chef Canada X cheftestant likes to dine in his hometown

With a culinary resume both robust and varied in terms of restaurants and cities around the world, it's a safe bet that Whitehorse's Chris Irving is a serious contender on the newest season of Top Chef Canadawhich will premiere on Monday, September 26 on Food Network Canada.

Outside of restaurant experience in locations like Tofino, Vancouver, Hong Kong, Mexico City and New York, the chef also launched a non-profit initative in 2020 called the Yukon Chef Collective. Throughout the height of the pandemic, Irving and a group of volunteers utilized community food donations to cook for and feed those in need within Whitehorse and its surrounding communities.

Being proud of his Yukon roots and the ingredients that make its food scene unique, we're sure his time on Top Chef Canada X this year will help shine a light on a part of Northern Canada many Canadians have yet to experience.



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I personally am not a huge breakfast eater; breakfast for me usually consists of a slice of Landed Bakehouse‘s sourdough bread with a slathering of butter thick enough to rival any slice of cheese.

However, I will often stop at Baked Café to get a cup of my favourite Bean North French Roast coffee. They make it just the way I like it, strong and black.


An unformidable host, chef Luke Legault is always welcoming, ready to serve his world-class selection of fine whiskeys and spirits from around the world, including Skagway, Alaska. Overlooking the farm pasture, down to the Takhini River, the Wandering Bison patio offers unparalleled, breathtaking views along with incomparable hospitality. 


Wayfarer Oyster House is the only restaurant in Whitehorse which brings true focus on freshness and seasonality.

Chef Brian Ng brings a level of culinary excellence to his kitchen, with a rotating menu of seasonal produce, seafood and other incredible luxury ingredients. And of course, the only spot in town to get freshly shucked oysters. A recent update of location will bring a more extensive selection of offerings, along with an incredible wine and beer selection and craft cocktail selection.


Woodcutter’s Blanket - Bar and Brewery is a great place to grab a fancy or classic cocktail.

Notably, brewmaster Scott Shailer offers a remarkable, innovative rotation of seasonal craft beers, honouring time tradition brewing techniques using the finest and freshest local ingredients. All beers are one-offs, meaning that it keeps you curious and interested to go in to see what’s new and fresh, because once it runs out, it’s gone for good.

If craft beer is your thing, this is definitely the place in town [to] visit.

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Top Chef Canada X premieres on September 26 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on Food Network Canada.