ICYMI: Walmart and Food-X launch new grocery delivery service, food inflation in ON and decrease in food sales in SK

Walmart and Food-X created a new grocery delivery service, Canadian celebrity chef accompanies Trudeau on his trip to India, and a drop in Saskatchewan’s food and beverage sales

Image for ICYMI: Walmart and Food-x launch a sustainable grocery delivery service, former Bachelor Canada opens his own restaurant and the causes of food inflation

Major retail chain, Walmart Canada partnered with Food-X to create a sustainable grocery delivery service in metro Vancouver, which is expected to satisfy the popular home delivery trend without an increase in emissions and waste due to shared capabilities.

The surprising ventures continued with the former star of Bachelor Canada and host of Chopped Canada, Brad Smith, who kept his passion for food a secret for a long time, opening his own restaurant. 

Less surprising but definitely unpleasant was the increase in food inflation following Ontario's approval of minimum wage increase to $14 per hour.

More on these stories and all the food news from last week below.

Walmart and Food-X start sustainable grocery delivery service

Home-grocery delivery is becoming more and more popular these days. The major chain retailer Walmart, teamed up with Food-X to launch a sustainable grocery delivery service in metro Vancouver. The companies’ collaboration, which includes sharing warehouses and consolidating orders, has many positive effects, such as decreased emissions and less waste.

Read more about the story in The Georgia Straight.

Food and beverage sales drop in Saskatchewan

Statistics Canada published a report stating Saskatchewan is one of two provinces to experience a radical decrease of sales in the food and beverage. The drop has already cost the province $2.4 million.

Read more about the effects and possible causes from CTV News.

Former Bachelor Canada, Brad Smith opened his own restaurant

Former star of Bachelor Canada and host of the food show Chopped Canada, Brad Smith, recently became a restaurateur. Smith is now a co-owner of Resto Boemo in the Assembly Chef’s Hall in Toronto, along with Chopped Canada’s past competitor, chef Ivana Raca.

Read more about the restaurant and his experience in the Toronto Star.

Chef Vikram Vij accompanies Trudeau on a trip to Indian

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's trip to India has been anything but smooth. One of the newest controversies comes from flying celebrity chef and restaurateur Vikram Vij on taxpayers' expense so he could cook for various events for Trudeau and other ministers.

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Ontario’s minimum wage increase causes food inflation

Ontario restaurants increased their menu prices to offset labour costs after the province officially raised the minimum wage to $14 per hour. The move had a predictable but serious impact on the prices in the food market, pushing food inflation rates to the highest level in almost two years.

Read more about the story in the National Post.

Taco Bell and Burger King compete in expansion plans

Taco Bell and Burger King both announced aggressive Canadian expansion plans last year. The newest results show that Taco Bell has done way better in fulfilling its goals than the other fast food chain. Read about the details of “the battle” in the Toronto Star.