7 ways to use all your broken candy canes

Make the best of those not-so-pretty crushed pieces of candy cane.

The holidays inevitably come with a plethora of candy canes, both in the traditional mint and other more updated flavours. Let’s face it though, just how many can you really eat, as-is? Thankfully, we’ve got some ideas for you.

Ice cream

Real Canadians eat ice cream all year round. It doesn’t matter how cold it is, we can still go for a heaping bowl of the dairy deliciousness. Stir some crushed candy canes into a basic vanilla ice cream and you’ve got yourself a holiday treat everyone will love.

Brownies or cookies

A seemingly obvious fix to the candy cane problem, crushing them up into baked goods add both crunch and a refreshing and minty jolt. Sprinkle them on top of classic fudgy brownies for a festive treat or even stir them into your favourite chocolate chip cookie recipe.


Flavoured whipped cream

Add some finely crushed candy canes into heavy cream toward the end of the whipping process. Not only will they sweeten it, they will also add a subtle, minty twist (or whatever flavour of candy canes you choose to use).

Smoothie or milkshake

Candy canes aren’t just for eating, they are perfectly drinkable, too. Blend them into smoothies with almond milk and ice for a healthier take, or go all out with a chocolate candy cane milkshake. Santa might prefer that over a glass of milk.


Grind up and use as sugar

Candy canes are essentially just sugar, so as long as you grind them up finely enough, they can be used as a sugar substitute. Garnish a chocolatey Christmas cocktail with a glass rimmed with ground candy canes. It will turn even the Grinch into a holiday believer!


Chocolate sauce

Holiday desserts don’t have to be elaborate and difficult to make. Give basic chocolate sauce a jolly twist by melting candy canes into it, and then serving over ice cream. Dessert, done.


Candy cane popcorn

Who doesn’t love a sweet and salty snack? For an addictive treat to keep out on the table when family and friends visit, simply pop some corn, salt it, stir in some crushed candy canes, mini marshmallows and heck, why not some chocolate chips, and call it a day.