Daily bite: Rebel Ramen combines healthy eating with convenience

Cheap, healthy and convenient can all be had with Rebel Ramen

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Instant ramen might be more symbolic of student-on-a-budget options than a healthy convenience food, but thanks to Rebel Ramen, that’s about to change. Founder Christopher Au noted in 2018 that, “I always ate instant noodles growing up, but as I got older, I realized how unhealthy they can be. Rebel Ramen is my way of changing the game on instant ramen so people like me can enjoy it again.”

That means offering people a convenience food that tastes as good as it is for you. The noodles themselves are made from black beans, a great source of fibre and protein, but still take only a few minutes to prepare. Rebel Ramen offers two flavours including miso with seaweed, and spicy savoury with Korean sweet and hot peppers for some extra kick.

Au recently started a Kickstarter campaign to help Rebel Ramen come to fruition. The initial response speaks for itself with almost $20,000 already raised, which is well above its original $5000 goal.

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When asked what Rebel Ramen adds to the convenience food industry and how it differs from other healthier options already available, Au says that, “The ability to have a truly healthy and convenient meal is a game changer. If you compare it to other shelf stable ‘healthy’ options, you have things like bars or shakes. People who regularly rely on these products want something different from the typical dessert flavors and the host of unrecognizable ingredients in most of them.”

Not only does Rebel Ramen offer a more savoury flavour profile, it also stays true to ramen’s appeal of being easy on your wallet. “If you compare it to healthy take-out food, you're looking at spending at least $10 to $15 for a meal. Our ramen costs $4 per bowl and I guarantee you it packs in more protein and fiber than any salad, soup or wrap, especially if they're plant based,” Au notes.

So whether you are a student, a young professional, or someone who simply wants dinner to be on the table in less than 20 minutes, Rebel Ramen offers a trifecta of reasonable cost, healthiness, and great flavour for times when cooking isn’t the top priority.