ICYMI: New service curfew woes for Alberta restaurants, the pandemic effects chicken wing availability and more

Four food stories you may have missed this week

From an inspiring new program being offered to high school students in Edmonton, to restaurants and bars Alberta-wide reeling from the newly imposed liquor service curfew, there's a lot to catch up on when it comes to Canadian food news as of late.

Here's four stories you may have missed this week.

Edmonton high school teaching students about planting through Go Green initiative


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St. Oscar Romero high school in West Edmonton is teaching students to work on their green thumb through a new initiative. Receiving their second greenhouse, with a third on the way, students are learning how to grow, maintain and develop all types of produce. The program includes other educational aspects such as construction of garden boxes, composting and hydroponics.

Read more about this innovative secondary school initiative on CTV News.

Frustration from Alberta restaurants and doctors following announcement of latest COVID-19 measures

With Alberta announcing the implementation of returning COVID-19 measures including making masks mandatory in all indoor public spaces, the province's licensed establishments are now required to stop liquor sales at 10 p.m.

Dr. Joe Vipond expresses concerns about the coming months and the impact COVID-19 will have on Albertans, “Our public health officials and our political leaders have learned nothing through four waves of COVID,” Vipond said, “and they continue to react inadequately.”

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BC charity concerned about back-to-school demand amidst food costs rising

The BC-based food charity, Backpack Buddies is known for supplying kids across the province with food packs comprised of non-perishable food items. With back to school in full swing, demand for their services has risen notably. With spikes in food prices as well, the non-profit organization is concerned about the cost of supplies and the risk of increased food insecurity for families in the coming months.

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Why chicken wings have become a pricy ingredient in Canada


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Canada's agricultural industries have faced many challenges during the ongoing pandemic. Looking at the poultry industry, the rise in cost of chicken is having an impact on restaurants.

CBC News dives into why chicken wings have become especially expensive as of late.