Daily bite: Manitoba restaurants to sell alcoholic beverages through takeout and delivery service

New legislation passed by Manitoba government sets example for other jurisdictions

This week, Manitoba’s newly re-elected government introduced legislation to amend the Liquor, Gaming, and Cannabis Control Act to allow liquor to be sold with takeout and delivery meal service by licensed establishments. 

The new legislation comes after the results of Restaurants Canada’s 2019 Raise the Bar report--a biennial report aimed at improving liquor policies that impact foodservice and hospitality--revealed that seven out of 10 licensed foodservice businesses believed they would benefit from being able to sell alcohol to their patrons to enjoy off-site. 

"This is something that restaurants and their customers have been wanting for years," said James Rilett, vice president of Restaurants Canada, Central Canada. "We've been working with Manitoba's government toward making this change for quite a while now. We commend Premier Pallister for upholding his commitment and making Manitoba an example for other jurisdictions to follow."

Manitoba Crown Services Minister Jeff Wharton echoed Restaurants Canada’s sentiment that the new policy is a win-win for businesses and their customers, and added that several private wine stores also indicated that they see the new legislation as an opportunity to sell more wine to their corporate restaurant customers. 

Wharton also noted that the newly developed policy is a great step toward reducing red tape and providing choice and convenience for the consumer as well as greater opportunities and flexibility for businesses.