5 tips for froyo perfection

Master the art of the perfect cup of frozen yogurt

Froyo Stephanie Eddy

More and more self-serve frozen yogurt shops are popping up across Canada. It's a delicious yet dangerous time for all of us. If you think you can just walk into a shop, help yourself to a refreshing and somewhat healthy treat, and leave without a crippling froyo addiction, then you're sadly mistaken and possibly unprepared.

Perhaps you're planning to get small cup of plain flavor, sprinkled with fresh fruit and maybe a few chocolate chips. This will not happen. You will end up leaving with a multi - flavour bucket bigger than your head, lavishly topped with a mountain of candy and cheesecake bites. Not saying that one is better than the other (actually, the multi flavor one is obviously better) but it's best to go into this situation with realistic expectations and a froyo game plan.

You may plan to get a little, but will end up with a lot

Even the small cup size at most places holds a generous amount of froyo, and once you realize that you must try a couple of the flavours, the cup fills up quickly. I suggest giving in and getting more than you planned for. Unlike ice cream, froyo doesn't fill you up as quickly, so even the biggest bucket usually gets finished.

Pay attention to flavour combinations

While you are busily losing control of your portion size, try to combine flavours that complement each other (chocolate and mint, banana and coconut) and avoid placing opposing flavours too closely (taro and cotton candy, cantaloupe and peanut butter). This ensures that every spoonful is the most delicious spoonful.

Leave room for toppings

Try to make your froyo creation either mountain shaped with room along the edges of the container for toppings, or nest-shaped with room in the center for toppings. Don't fill it up so high that your cookie bits are in danger of tumbling over the edge.

Don't panic at the toppings bar

There will be a lot of toppings to consider.

Do. Not. Panic.

You can always try a little bit of everything for a topping-heavy cup of froyo, or you can follow these handy suggestions:

  • Pair dessert flavors of froyo like chocolate, caramel, peanut butter, and vanilla with cookie and chocolate based toppings (Smarties, peanut butter cups, etc). Squirt on some caramel or butterscotch sauce. Complete the look with some sprinkles.
  • Pair fruity flavours of froyo with fruit, coconut shavings, boba, jellies, and gummy candies. Drizzle a bit of condensed milk on top.
  • Avoid candies like Skittles. These bad boys freeze solid and become unpleasant little rocks nestled dangerously within your froyo.

Order seconds with dignity

Want seconds? Me too! Don't worry about the staff and other customers judging you. Just ask if they have lids because you want to bring some home for your boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife/cats. Make another perfect creation. Then, secretly eat it in your car. If there really is someone waiting at home who would enjoy froyo, tell them that the store was mysteriously closed but you'll try and pick up a container for them tomorrow. Repeat.