10 last minute holiday recipe ideas

10 easy holiday recipe ideas from Eat North

Since dinner is mere hours away and some of us might still be looking for some culinary inspiration, here are 10 of our most popular recipes from the holiday season that can be whipped up in no time and put on the table.

From chef Lauren Marshall's vegetable gravy (it's really, really tasty!) to Emily Richards' egg and raisin bread (perfect for French toast on Boxing Day morning), we're hoping something here can inspire you today! Happy cooking (and eating) with friends and family!

WALTER caesar mix recipe

Spruce Caesar (a.k.a. The Festivus Caesar)

A good Caesar hits the spot anytime of the year, but to make it more seasonal, the guys behind Walter Caesar came up with this sweet, herbaceous and savoury cocktail.

Egg and raisin bread

Make this from Emily Richards' new cookbook of family recipes

One18 Empire's kale Caesar salad

While One18 Empire, located in Calgary Marriott Downtown, is known as a whisky bar, the fresh and local food that chef Eric Larcom prepares is so much more than just food to go with the drinks.

Marion Street Eatery's roasted beet salad

Don't you wish you can make some of your favourite restaurant dishes at home?

Mairlyn Smith Homegrown cookbook

Spiced ambercup squash soup with maple syrup

If you haven't tried ambercup squash before, this is a great introduction.

apple cranberry sauce recipe

Spiced apple and cranberry sauce

Put this sauce in sandwiches, on a cheese board and of course, with the turkey.

Lauren Marshall vegan chef Halifax

Chef Lauren Marshall's vegan gravy

A meatless alternative to the traditional gravy

Lemon ginger posset recipe

Lemon ginger posset with holiday cookie crumble

Making a dessert for your holiday party has never been so easy.

Ginger stout cake with orange meringue and coffee caramel

With Goodness: Recipes and Stories, a new cookbook that features a collection of recipes and stories from chefs, you can do good while co