One day in Montreal: TV host Nadia Giosa

One of North America's hottest celebrity chefs dishes on her favourite eats in her hometown of Montreal.

When Nadia G. — host on Cooking Channel and Food Network Canada — isn’t chillin’ out in the LA sunshine, shkoffing her way through town, and working way more than she should during her time off, G. calls Montreal home. If you’re ever in her neck of the woods, she guarantees her three favourite Montreal spots for breakfast, lunch, and dinner will leave your taste buds humming from all the fantastic food.

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Lawrence: It's the only breakfast joint in town that serves scones with clotted cream. If you haven't tried clotted cream, do so immediately. It's kinda like mascarpone with chunks of fresh butter in it. Mmm.


Laika: It has the best Beef Tataki in town — beautifully aged raw beef, seared to perfection, served up with a deliciously salty, nutty sesame-soy sauce. Outdoor seating is perfect for people-watching, or people-bashing (depending on how many ciders you've ordered).



Pastaga: Don't let the name fool you; it's a French resto! Aside from its brilliant (and affordable) wine list, it has crispy pork belly served on a pancake, drizzled with maple syrup. Need I say more? Didn't think so.



Laika: Not just for lunching, Laika also doubles as a great place for drinks after work, too!