61 Canadian 7-Eleven locations apply for liquor licenses

Will you soon be able to spike a slurpee or crack a beer inside Ontario 7-Elevens?

7-Eleven locations in places such as Saigon, Vietnam (pictured) have long been selling alcohol.

For those that have traveled overseas, you'll likely know that a 7-Eleven generally has quite a diverse offering compared to its North American counterparts which can include seating and the ability to consume alcoholic beverages on-site. This does not make them a highly sought after watering hole by any means, still, when someone is allowed to drink alcohol in a particular space where they previously haven't been able to, there is often an allure.

It's looking like select Canadian locations may soon be offering something similar should they get their liquor licenses approved.

This week, it was discovered that 61 7-Eleven locations across Ontario have applied for liquor licenses through the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario. Locations range as far west in Ontario as Dryden all the way over to the U.S. border-hugging city of Windsor. If approved by the AGCO, locations would need to adapt their current spaces and likely renovate to create a "dedicated space" for alcohol service.

Most recently, it was also unearthed that Ontario Premier Doug Ford met with a 7-Eleven executive while on a previous work trip in Texas. All of this has sparked plenty of outrage across the province as it should come as no surprise that independent business owners of all shapes and sizes continue to suffer under pandemic-related restrictions.

It will be interesting to see if 7-Eleven applies for similar liquor licenses in other Canadian provinces in the coming months.