Air Canada Rouge flights now offer poutine

Air Canada's subsidiary airline is now including this iconic Canada's dish on its inflight menu

photo provided by Air Canada.

It's surprising this has flown under the radar for so long, but a few weeks ago, I noticed an Instagram story of someone having poutine on an Air Canada Rouge flight. Curious about whether it was simply a person bringing their own poutine onboard, I tried to track down some information online.

A spokesperson for Air Canada Rouge confirmed that they did, in fact, begin serving hot poutine with cheese curds and a vegetable-based gravy as of December, 2019.

The poutine is available on most flights that depart after 10 a.m., not including include international overseas flights, that offer a "bistro service". The poutine comes as part of the low-cost airline's new fresh snack and meal offerings on flights that are longer than two hours, which the spokesperson explains is over 95 per cent of Air Canada Rouge flights.

Don't quote me on this, but Rouge may be the first major airline to serve the iconic Canadian dish above the clouds accessible to all passengers (i.e. not on a rotating menu in premium or business classes).