ICYMI: Canadian Embassy in Washington, DC serves up poutine and BeaverTails, a B.C. restaurant has legal woes over its name, and more

Canadian food news round up for January 2017

Though Trump has undeniably clogged almost every news feed imaginable this week, there were still plenty of interesting culinary-related items that came up on our Eat North radar. From serving poutine to celebrate the inauguration (ugh) to a new brewery on the East Coast, to a fantastic sexual harassment awareness event in Toronto, here's a quick news story recap to get you up to speed before the weekend.

Toronto bartenders throw fundraiser for sexual harassment awareness and training


Head to Parts & Labour on Queen Street West, Toronto this coming Monday for a sexual harassment-focused fundraising event featuring six top female mixologists. Organizer Veronica Saye is hoping this event, called BASH (Bartenders Against Sexual Harassment), can raise some funds to help barkeeps and managers handle harassment and assault situations that, unfortunately, take place all too often.

This fundraiser for an important cause is especially timely in Toronto, after a young woman was drugged and sexually assaulted in a local bar by two members of industry just last month.

Read more about Saye's event and what she hopes to come from it in this CBC News story.

Regina brewers are hoping for craft brewing in Saskatchewan to gain momentum


Seeing as most of the beer in North America is produced using Saskatchewan-grown grain, it seems fitting that the province should strive to become a destination for craft beer. Rebellion Brewing co-owners Jamie Singer and Mark Heise chatted with The Globe and Mail this week on how the provincial beer scene and community has grown and continues to do so. Currently, province-wide, Saskatchewan has about 10 small-scale craft beer producers, but you can expect a handful more to open in the next year or so.

Read the full The Globe and Mail feature on the Saskatchewan beer scene here.

Canadian embassy celebrates Trump's inauguration with classic Canadian fare

Poutine to celebrate Trump?

Though today is a dark, dark day for many people, the Canadian embassy in Washington, DC is making the most of a bad situation (my words, not theirs) and throwing a "tailgate" party of sorts offering all kinds of Canadian foods. The attendees can expect to bite into cinnamon-sugar coated BeaverTails, tourtiere, poutine (obviously) and plenty other iconic dishes. Back in 2009, Obama's inaugaration was also celebrated similarly.

Read all about today's Canadian-themed inauguration event at the Canadian Embassy in this Toronto Star article.

Do you find the name "Moby Dick" offensive?

Some people apparently do. A building on Vancouver's waterfront is not allowing a casual seafood restaurant named Moby Dick to take a lease on its street level because the latter half of its name is found to be offensive. Allegedly, the condo council believes that allowing the concept to open up under that name would "decrease value of the property". I think some people just need to chill out a little (or read a little more)!

Find all the details on the fishy (or is that whale-y?) civil legal battle here.

Watch the Global BC news clip on the matter here.

RAW:almond kicks off its fifth season in Winnipeg

Winnipeg's internationally-acclaimed pop-up winter restaurant, RAW:almond, kicks off tonight for its fifth season. This year, many notable locals like Scott Bagshaw, Adam Donnelly, and Michael Robins are returning to the ice, while the visiting chefs for 2017 include Ned Bell (Ocean Wise, Vancouver), Michael Robbins (AnnaLena, Vancouver), Scott Vivian (Beast) and Jamie Harling (Deane House, Calgary).

Read about how the pop-up has evolved over the years and what's new for 2017 in my piece for The Globe and Mail.

2 Crows Brewing Company opens this weekend in Halifax


First EVER cans off our line! #craftbeer #tablebeer

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It's always energizing to hear about a new independent brewery or distillery opening its doors in Canada. This weekend, 2 Crows Brewing Company is set to open up in Halifax. The brewery will feature a small tasting room with plenty of seats to watch the brewing process take place. Just several days ago, 2 Crows started canning its beers, so it shouldn't be long before its brews are available at Nova Scotian liquor stores as well.

Find out more about the east coast's newest brewery in The Coast's article here.


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