Calgary's Romero Distilling Co. debuts first Prairie-made spiced rum

An Alberta-made rum has arrived just in time for fall

After opening earlier in 2020 before the pandemic commanded the world's attention, Romero Distilling Co. has been slowly, but surely building its brand presence in the Alberta market by way of a trio of sugarcane spirits. Recently, the amber sugarcane spirit was awarded as a Judges Selection at the 2020 Alberta Beverage Awards and to continue momentum as one of the province's up-and-coming liquor producers, the distillery has just released their spiced rum.

Aged in bourbon casks, Romero's first batch of spiced rum is made up of a proprietary blend of blackstrap and fancy molasses created by New Brunswick-based producer, Crosby's Molasses as well as cane sugar and a variety of spices including Sri Lankan cinnamon, allspice and star anise sourced via Silk Road Spice Merchants.

The result is a warming and aromatic spirit with notes of vanilla and winter spices. Perfect for spiking a chai tea latte--if I do say so myself--or for making eggnog which you will surely (and always somewhat shockingly) should be able to find in grocery stores as of next week.


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"Our rums and sugarcane spirits are made in house while-most Canadian rums are distilled and matured in a southern locale and imported to Canada to be blended," explains distillery owner Tomas Romero. "Being the only rum focused distillery in Western Canada, we have the unique opportunity to expose people to quality craft rum and sugarcane spirits."

Set at a price of $74.99, the Alberta-made rum does ring in as one of the more expensive micro-distilled products available in the province. If you're wanting a taste before you take the purchase plunge, pop by the distillery which is located just down the road from the Calgary Farmers' Market.