CBC series Run The Burbs celebrates Tết on latest episode

A look at Vietnamese Lunar New Year celebrations through the lens of CBC's diverse comedy series

Photo via CBC.

Actor and producer Andrew Phung's latest venture, Run The Burbs, has gained plenty of popularity since premiering on CBC on January 5, 2022. The series focuses on a Vietnamese-Canadian and South-Asian-Canadian family living in the fictional city of Rockridge, a place that is partially inspired by Phung's hometown of Calgary.

Especially worthy of note in its inaugural season was this week's episode which saw the main characters celebrating Tết (Vietnamese Lunar New Year). To the creator's knowledge, having this Vietnamese holiday portrayed on a Canadian television series is a first.

"It's one of the early episodes we had pitched to the CBC, but it's also a holiday I've never seen represented in a sitcom," said Phung in a Facebook post this week. "I want to thank everyone involved in making this episode! Big props to my co-creator Scott Townend for writing this episode with me, and to the talented Joyce Wong for directing it. Joyce is such a giving director, bringing so many wonderful ideas and is always 'yes and-ing' performers offers."

This heartfelt and comedic celebration of Tết as well as other past episodes of Run The Burbs can be watched on CBC Gem.