Daily bite: BC Wine Institute seeks injunction over continued boycott

BC Wine Institute has notified the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission of the escalation

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The plot continues to thicken with Rachel Notley’s government’s active ban on importing B.C wine into Alberta.

Just today, Miles Prodan, president and CEO of the BC Wine Institute released a statement saying that the organization will now move forward with an injunction to combat the wine boycott from their next door neighbours.

“We believe it is unconstitutional to prohibit the import of Canadian goods into another province based solely on where they come from. All Canadians should be concerned, because if wine can be prohibited based on its province of origin, so can any product from any other province,” says Prodan. “We hope that the AGLC will take this opportunity to end the unfair targeting of the B.C. wine industry.”

The BC Wine Institute president goes on to say that the 276 wineries and 923 grape growers in the province provide over 12,000 people with jobs, and due to the continued political situation, they are now at risk.

Just last week, BC VQA withdrew itself as a sponsor of Calgary's The Big Taste dine out festival, citing that it did not want to place any extra pressure on Calgary restaurateurs and patrons that the B.C. wine boycott is already causing. If the injunction is successful, the inter-provincial wine trade will be restored.