Daily bite: CBC Calgary announces new restaurant critic

After a couple months of anticipation, CBC Calgary unveils their new restaurant critic

Image for Daily bite: CBC Calgary announces new restaurant critic Sabrina Del Ben
There's a new restaurant critic in Calgary, folks!

When John Gilchrist announced that he would be leaving his near 38-year post as CBC Calgary's restaurant reviewer earlier this year, the radio station announced it would be filling the void with a fresh, new voice. That voice has been officially unveiled as local chef instructor Sabrina Del Ben.

No stranger to the culinary industry, but more so as a trained chef and long-time culinary teacher, Del Ben is a breath of fresh air in Alberta's food media community. The chef made her debut on the Calgary Eyeopener program yesterday morning to introduce herself and chat with host David Gray about what she's excited about with this new part-time gig.

"I'm hoping to help people have a good experience when they go out, maybe some pointers or maybe a different way of looking at a restaurant," said Del Ben earnestly.

Del Ben currently teaches culinary arts at a local trades-focused high school, but has previously taught at SAIT and knows the Calgary food community inside and out. What's most refreshing about this is that Canadian restaurant reviewers and critics are rarely ever trained chefs aside from Montreal's Lesley Chesterman. Not that one necessarily needs to be, but now having one as a weekly voice in Calgary, she will surely offer an interesting and welcomed perspective on the local dining scene.

Catch Del Ben every Friday morning from 7:30-7:45 a.m. on CBC Radio's Calgary Eyeopener.