Eat This Now: Northern Bars artisanal Nanaimo bars

The most beautiful Nanaimo bars you'll find in Canada

Photo by Carmen Cheng.

Last week while in Vancouver, I happened to stumble upon the most delicious Nanaimo bars I have ever experienced in my life.

Perhaps casualling "stumbling upon" isn't the proper sentiment as their purveyor Northern Bars had a booth set up at the highly-anticipated (and inaugural) Vancouver Michelin Guide unveiling. With an evening dedicated to celebrating Vancouver's food scene, it was no surprise to see delicious food floating around the room as well as cocktails and, of course, plenty of B.C. wine.

I am not a sweet before savoury sort of person, but couldn't resist a taste after passing by the booth early in the evening, largel thanks it the bars' stunning presentation and box design. The three-layer bar in a lovely bite-sized form, shaped into small cubes with rounded edges, this Northern Bars creation presents like an elegant collection of chocolates.

Trust me when I say one bite is all it takes to fall in love with Northern Bars' Nanaimo bars its near-perfect ratio of buttercream, cocoa and coconut base and chocolate ganache top. Needless to say, I took a box home with me to Calgary...and they didn't last long.

Northern Bars Classic Nainamo Bars can be found a select retailers in B.C. as well as ordered online in quantities of four ($11.99), nine ($21.99) and sixteen ($34.99). As well, a new box of unique takes on the traditional Nanaimo Bar (Saskatoon Berry and Lemon, Apple and Cinnamon, and Smokey Maple) is set to be released in the coming weeks