Get creative with surf and turf combinations at home

Rethink the classic surf 'n' turf with these creative, but approachable, dishes

Braised beef and scallops will have you looking at the possibilities of traditional beef stew in a whole new light!

Now that dining out is not an option, this is the perfect time for everyone to brush up on their home cooking skills. Cooking from scratch doesn't need to be complicated, but it also doesn't need to be boring.

We all know about surf 'n' turf, which most commonly alludes to a simply grilled steak and a lobster tail or prawns, and maybe a healthy dose of hollandaise too, if you're lucky. As eternally delicious as that combination is, we like shaking things up a bit.

Here are a few delicious beef dishes that are made even more tasty with the addition of sustainable seafood in an interesting way. Think of it as a perfect way to celebrate an iconic Canadian ingredient, raised by some of our many hard-working beef farmers along with ocean bounty caught with the environment in mind.


Mini cottage pies with garlic prawn mashed potatoes

A classic comfort dish through and through, there are few things as comforting as a warm cottage pie (also known as shepherd's pie) on a chilly or rainy day. Most families have their own unique recipe for this dish, but the fundamental ingredients include ground beef, carrots, peas and potatoes.

We are having a little fun with this dish by making miniature versions in individual ramekins (this is a great way to get your kids involved), but also surf and turf-style by taking some sustainable bay shrimp, sauteeing them lightly in garlic butter and stirring them into the creamy, buttery mashed potatoes. Dollop the shrimp and potato mixture on top of the pie filling as you normally would, and bake in the oven until the top is golden brown.

One pan surf and turf

At first glance, this dish might not seem like it's making any waves in terms of creativity, but lean in: the sirloin and prawn dish is make in just one pan. This meal for two gets another twist following the cooking of the steak and prawns by way of tomatoes and fresh herbs and greens.

We used striploin steaks for this recipe, but feel free to use other cuts of beef that can sizzle, sit and be served in a similar amount of time.

Braised beef roast with scallops and herb potatoes

This dish may take a few hours longer to prepare than the others we've mentioned, but that's when a slow cooker really comes in handy. Braise a boneless beef blade roast in your slow cooker--along with equal parts beef broth, water and red wine as well as chopped onions, carrots, celery and quartered potatoes--until it's fork tender. Once the braising is done, set the vegetables and roast aside (covered) and cook down the braising liquid until it reduces by three quarters, and you're left with a rich sauce, perfect for pouring over the tender meat and vegetables.

Nice and plump scallops take no time to sear while you're reducing the braising liquid, and they make for a perfect "surf" to this warm, comforting "turf" dinner you've made for the family.


Beef and smoked salmon meatloaf

This take on meatloaf is definitely one of a kind. Use whatever trusty meatloaf recipe you have to get started. Once you've mixed the ground beef, egg, bread crumbs and other aromatics, transfer one third of the mixture to a separate bowl. Crack another egg and add in an equal amount of chopped smoked salmon (skin removed) and work with hands until well-mixed.

Form meat loaves as desired, but build in two layers: first with the pure beef mixture and then with the salmon-beef mixture. Glaze and bake as you normally would.

The smoke salmon holds its texture in the beef mixture while adding a delicious smoky flavour that is complementary to the typically tangy glaze on the meatloaf.

Find more simple recipes to get creative with

If these suggestions have got your creative juices flowing–and maybe even your mouth watering–make sure to check out Canada Beef's website for more dishes you can cook up and put your own spin on.