Saskatoon's POP Wine Bar unveils cool new cocktail menu

Try these great drinks at one of Saskatoon's top bars

The Sea Buckthorn Mai Tai is one of the exciting new drinks on the POP Wine Bar cocktail menu.

A road trip home to Saskatoon always yields something exciting and new (to me) and earlier this week was certainly no exception.

Christie Peters and Kyle Michael's popular concept POP Wine Bar has garnered plenty of buzz since opening up in 2022, which is largely thanks to its playful take on things like prawn cocktails, cheese balls and even pizza pops. While its wine offerings have always been equally as dynamic, its only expanded its cocktail offerings as of recently.


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POP Wine Bar's new cocktail list was brought to life by Peters and general manager Kaitlin Kwochka. The two have done a great job of intermingling Prairie ingredients with classic cocktail preparations.

Keeping the Prairies front of mind when it comes to its cocktail creations, drinks like the Horseradish Sour utilize locally-foraged wild horseradish while the Sea Buckthorn Mai Tai makes cool use of the vibrant and tart regional berry in the classic tiki drink. Then there's the Rhubarb Margarita and the Dandelion Dandy, which is made with dandelion simpe syrup and foraged pineapple chamomile.

POP Wine Bar is located at 334 20 St. W and open 3 p.m. to late Wednesdays to Saturdays.