What is Eggs Halifax?

A peculiar request for eggs on the TV series Below Deck has left us scrambled

This is not a picture of "eggs Halifax" because no one knows what that is.

Whether you've watched one episode of Bravo TV's Below Deck or the entirety of the series, you'll know that unusual situations that grab a viewers attention is the show's specialty. Truly reality television at its best in 2020.

While one is typically left bewildered by out-of-control yacht guests and behind-the-scenes staff dramatics, the most recent episode of Below Deck saw a charter guest make a very unusual order during brunch service on the boat: "eggs Halifax". In what seems to be an accidental sound clip left in the episode, there is no further discussion of the dish, nor is there a glimpse of what chef Rachel Hargrove may have created for the guest.

So, what is this dish?

"Eggs Halifax" at Elle's Bistro in Halifax. (photo courtesy of restaurant's Facebook page)

A fairly extensive polling of our Nova Scotian contacts–both industry and non-industry alike–yielded nothing but skepticism and denial...and donair sauce-soaked egg suggestions which did sound somewhat appealing in theory. A Google search did drum up one possible answer that references a menu item at Elle's Bistro, which is served from Fridays to Sundays at its heart-of-Halifax location on Barrington Street.

Debuted at the restaurant in February, 2017, this take on eggs Benedict sees homemade biscuits topped with poached eggs and a healthy ladling of their seafood chowder. Could this be the dish that charter guest was requesting?

I need answers.

I am also not going to lie, I do love the sound of this. A new Canadian classic, perhaps?