More Than Maple Syrup: Episode 8

This week, we talk about the female chefs doc The Heat, recap Top Chef Canada's second last episode of Season 6 and more.

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Dirt Candy chef/owner Amanda Cohen plays a big part in the new documentary The Heat and also appeared on the most recent episode of Top Chef Canada, pictured above with host Eden Grinshpan during a quickfire challenge.

With sexism in the restaurant industry being more front of mind than ever, we were excited to get a viewing of the new documentary The Heat from filmmaker Maya Gallus. The film--which will be in theatres this summer and hit television in the fall--focuses on female chefs and industry professionals, the kitchen culture that surrounds them and how they are at the forefront of a wave of change. Emma Waverman sits down to chat with one of the film's subjects, writer Ivy Knight, to talk about the documentary and her take on the male-dominated industry.

From there, Waverman and her co-host, Phil Wilson segue from The Heat to Top Chef Canada's second last episode of the sixth season by another documentary star, Amanda Cohen, who also happens to be a guest judge on last week's episode. Plant-based cooking, canapes and wine pairings are the cause of celebration for some of the remaining five chefs and a detriment to others. With one more chef out of the picture, there is an unusual number of four remaining chefs heading into this Sunday's finale. Lots to ponder and lots to joke about, as per usual with the two co-hosts as well as an exclusive interview with recently eliminated chef, Nathan Guggenheimer of Saskatoon's Sticks and Stones.

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