More Than Maple Syrup: Episode 19

Food writers Emma Waverman and Phil Wilson look back on 2018 and talk about what's to come in 2019

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With 2018 now behind us, we're a few days into this brand new year more invigorated and excited than ever. It's hard to sum up what's been a roller coaster year in the food industry in one podcast episode, but co-hosts Emma Waverman and Phil Wilson do their best by recounting the most impactful Canadian culinary news stories.

From the Norman Hardie harassment allegations out of Ontario and their coinciding LCBO controversy to the death of culinary and travel media icon Anthony Bourdain that affected so many of us in this country and around the globe, there were a handful of happenings that made people pause, really pay attention and spark conversations with one another.

Moving into 2019, both Wilson and Waverman agree that the plant-based food trend shows no signs of slowing down as they share their thoughts on becoming increasingly more impressed with vegan options across the country in recent months. Nut milk and cheeses for all? Looks like it!

All of this and a lot more on our podcast episode's goodbye to 2018 and eager hello to 2019!

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