More Than Maple Syrup: Episode 11

Winemaker Norman Hardie and his recent allegations is one major topic on our latest More Than Maple Syrup podcast episode

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The recent allegations against celebrated winemaker Norman Hardie has people from coast to coast talking, and for good reason. In our latest podcast episode, hosts Emma Waverman and Phil Wilson take some time to discuss what's happened with the Prince Edward County-based winemaker and with restaurants and liquor stores stuck with inventory of his product.

Shifting away from the biggest food news story in the country right now to something a bit more casual--summer nights call for summer cocktails on the back deck, are we right or are we right?

We're right.

From Canadian craft cider to frosé, cider slushies (we just discovered this was a thing too) or gin and kombucha, you name it, Phil and Emma want to sip it in the sunshine. They also ponder the age old question: should one carbonate wine or spirits in a SodaStream? Maybe, but don't blame us if it makes a mess.

Our roving reporter, Dan Clapson, also interviews Karen Anderson and Tilly Sanchez, co-authors of the new book Food Artisans of Alberta which chronicles more than 200 culinary artisans in the province. The two share their thoughts on just how unique the province's regional producers and chefs really are and why taking a drive to take time to explore Alberta is the perfect thing to do on a nice summer's day.

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