More Than Maple Syrup: Episode 30

Emma Waverman and Phil Wilson on the status of The Great Canadian Baking Show and take a deep-dive into the world of cookbooks

Image for More Than Maple Syrup: Episode 30
Madeleines in the making in the Duchess Bake Shop kitchen.

Just a little more than two weeks since their last podcast, Emma Waverman and Phil Wilson are back for another episode of More Than Maple Syrup. To get things started, our co-hosts briefly provided their recap of the last few episodes of The Great Canadian Baking Show and after some assessment and reflection, reevaluate some of their original predictions. In a somewhat surprising outcome, the duo find that they agree on not just who they think will go the distance, but also in the ways they’ve seen the show’s format change since last season.

Next, Waverman and Wilson jump into this episode’s main topic of discussion: cookbooks. The two food writers describe what they look for in a cookbook, share with one another some of their favourites, and describe what exactly makes them memorable. 

Who better to reach out to for cookbook perspectives than two cookbook authors? To conclude this week’s episode, Wilson has a chat with fellow Edmonton foodie and Duchess Bakeshop owner and award-winning cookbook author Giselle Courteau, who describes what to expect from her October 16th sophomore release, Duchess At Home. Meanwhile, Waverman checks in with James Beard Award-nominated journalist and author Amy Rosen, who shares a bit of insight about her latest release, Kosher Style

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