More Than Maple Syrup: Episode 32

Phil Wilson and Emma Waverman discuss airport rituals, milk alternatives, and chat with chef Shane Chartrand about his latest cookbook and being a judge on Wall of Chefs

photo courtesy of Food Network Canada.

Phil Wilson and Emma Waverman are back in the More Than Maple Syrup booth to talk about everything going on in the culinary world.

After briefly breaking down her go-to airport rituals and milk alternatives, Waverman analyzes the ripple effect that misperceptions surrounding Wuhan and the coronavirus has had on Asian proprietors throughout the country. 

Our co-hosts then discuss how new shows like Wall of Chefs and Fridge Wars are starting to do a better job depicting the culinary diversity Canada is known for, and Wilson is joined by Wall of Chefs judge and cookbook author Shane Chartrand, who gives some insight on the show, his favourite tawaw recipe, and the future of Indigenous cuisine in Canada.

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