More Than Maple Syrup: Episode 25

In their latest podcast episode, Phil Wilson and Emma Waverman discuss their hope for a more diverse Top Chef Canada casting in the future

Image for More Than Maple Syrup: Episode 25

After some well-earned time off, co-host Phil Wilson rejoins Emma Waverman back in the More Than Maple Syrup booth and the duo have no trouble finding their usual rhythm.

Once Wilson catches Waverman up on his many Mexico City adventures, the topic of discussion moves from the aftermath of the controversial Joe Beef: Surviving the Apocalypse, to a more lighthearted breakdown of Heinz's latest creation, Mayochup. While the ketchup-mayonnaise hybrid seems to make sense at first glance, it turns out to mean something entirely different in Cree.

Finally, Emma and Phil dive into this podcast episode’s main topic: looking back on Top Chef Canada season 7, where the pair offer their takes on what transpired as well as what they’d like to see in future seasons.

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Listen to "Could Top Chef Canada become a more diverse show that's better representative of Canada?" on Spreaker.