More Than Maple Syrup: Episode 18

Waverman and Wilson talk restaurant gripes, trying out meal kits and Japanese knives with guest Kevin Kent

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Who knew romaine lettuce and hot water with lemon could cause such a stir in Canada lately. Not together, naturally, but on our latest More Than Maple Syrup podcast episode, cohosts Phil Wilson and Emma Waverman discuss an escalated situation at a Edmonton restaurant over hot water, the romaine dilemma, "pickled" ice on the menu at a New York restaurant and other topical tidbits of food news to get things started.

Following that, the two talk about the pros and cons of meal kits after trying out HelloFresh for a week. The portions might not be suitable for a family with multiple teenage boys, jokes Waverman, but the end result is, well, you'll have to listen to find out.

Knifewear owner, Kevin Kent also takes some time to sit down with Wilson in Edmonton before his launch event for his first book The Knifenerd Guide To Japanese Knives and weigh in on how knives changed his life and his love of the art of knifemaking.

All of this and more on our latest podcast episode!

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