More Than Maple Syrup: Episode 17

Phil Wilson and Emma Waverman discuss tipping in fast-casual settings and give their final thoughts on season two of "The Great Canadian Baking Show".

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photo courtesy of CBC.

So much has happened since last month's podcast episode. Phil Wilson and Emma Waverman are together again and eager to give their final thoughts on the second season of The Great Canadian Baking Show, which wrapped last Wednesday. Wilson also had the chance to sit down and chat with one of the show's finalists, Edmonton baker Megan Stasiewich, to get some behind-the-scenes insight and find out how she enjoyed her time on the show. Are the bakers on the series really that friendly? Megan fills us in.

Outside of baking, Waverman and Wilson talk about rising menu pricing in restaurants, referencing a recent interview with David McMillan of Joe Beef, and also how payment systems like Square are improving wages for people in more fast-casual restaurant environments such as coffee shops.

All of that and more on our latest podcast episode!

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