More Than Maple Syrup: Episode 10

We're talking artisanal ice cream as a huge Canadian trend, taking a moment or two in honour of Anthony Bourdain in our latest podcast episode

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With one of our cohosts on vacation in Ireland, Emma Waverman has no choice, but to get some on-air company by calling Dan Clapson over in, well, who knows where he is right now...

Anyway, with our new podcast format, Waverman and Clapson spend a good chunk of time discussing the pros and cons of artisanal ice cream, food memories and questioning whether or not Instagram has created and encouraged a culture of excessive indulgence, if only for a quick picture, making the food itself disposable.

Their verdict? It has.

Waverman also sits down with Toronto writer, cookbook author and owner of Rosen's Buns, Amy Rosen to get her take on Canadian ice cream and her cinnamon bun ice cream sandwich that blows minds in the GTA on the regular.

But before all of that, the two take a few moments to talk about the untimely passing of culinary icon Anthony Bourdain, why Canadians should all take time to cook and cheers in his honour and also how the current casting call for Top Chef Canada season seven is a great opportunity for the show's production team to showcase just how diverse and unique the country's culinary community is.

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