More Than Maple Syrup: Episode 23

Canada's 100 Best Restaurants list for 2019 calls for a spirited conversation in our latest podcast episode

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Alo tops the Canada's 100 Best Restaurants list for yet another year. Our latest podcast episode discusses the love-it-or-hate-it list and how it could be improved.

What's in a list? Plenty of impassioned conversations, apparently!

Each year, the unveiling of the Canada's 100 Best Restaurants generates an incredible amount of buzz. Whether you love it, hate it or feel indifferent, you can't disagree that it captures the attention of culinary communities for a healthy (perhaps occasionally unhealthy) period of time.

To get further insight on how the list works, Emma Waverman chats with Dan Clapson, who has been part of the list's judging panel for the past three years. Former Montreal Gazette restaurant critic and food writer, Lesley Chesterman, also joins in for a lively chat about how the Canada's 100 Best Restaurants list is far from perfect and why finding the "perfect" formula for a national list like this is next to impossible.

Once the trio wrap up their "best" discussion, Waverman and Clapson dive into Top Chef Canada, its remaining competitors, the magic of editing and the small handful of chefs that appear to be clear front runners only a few episodes in.

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