10 creative burgers to check out during Le Burger Week 2021

The two-week Canada-wide burger festival kicks off on September 1

The 10th annual Le Burger Week festival kicks off next week and with the 2021 iteration featuring more than 700 nationwide participants, this year’s two-week festival will officially become the largest burger event ever held in Canada.  

In addition to featuring a wide assortment of classic and creative interpretations of the quintessential comfort food from eateries across the country, the annual celebration is also a great way to support local business while raising funds for Canadian charities like ANEB and United Way

Considering the sheer amount of offerings to choose from during this year’s Le Burger Week, we decided we’d put together some of the most head-turning burger concoctions available from coast-to-coast to ensure this year’s festival will be truly memorable.

1931 Signature Bison Burger - 1931 Gallery Bistro (Vancouver, B.C.)

1931 Gallery Bistro’s Signature Bison Burger provides the perfect lean-to-fat ratio with a spiced house blend of bison and beef, along with pickled jalapeño, duck fat potato croquettes, truffle mayo, and homemade ketchup on a highly Instagrammable charcoal sesame bun.

Pizza Burger - Fable Diner (Vancouver, B.C.)

While there may be a drove of delicious-looking burger-themed pizzas to choose from throughout Le Burger Week, Fable Diner might be the only one to flip the concept around with a pizza-themed burger. 

The Pizza Burger features a smashed beef patty smothered in melted mozzarella cheese and Fable’s signature pizza sauce along with fried pepperoni and garlic mayonnaise on a pretzel bun.

Falafel Blaze Burger - Blaze Gourmet Burgers (Vancouver, B.C.)

This year’s Le Burger Week likely features the most vegetarian and vegan offerings in the festival’s history with a number of locations opting for Beyond and Impossible meat alternatives, but Blaze Gourmet Burgers has gone for one of the original plant-based burgers with its Falafel Blaze

Blaze’s Le Burger Week creation features a homemade falafel patty with lettuce, tomato, pickles, pickled turnips, hummus, and tahini sauce on a vegan brioche bun.

Double Brisket Burger - The Rook and Raven (Saskatoon, SK)

The Rook and Raven Pub’s Double Brisket Burger comes complete with a ground brisket and ribeye patty topped with house smoked brisket, bacon apple sauerkraut, horseradish aioli, smoked gouda, and dill pickles on a butter toasted potato scallion bun.

Chicken Kar-Ramen Burger - Cho Ichi Ramen (Winnipeg, MB)

Although a burger isn’t exactly the first thing that comes to mind when seeking out a traditional ramen experience in the heart of Winnipeg, Cho Ichi Ramen has managed to connect the two culinary worlds with its Chicken Kar-Ramen Burger.

The ramen noodle bun burger is loaded with deep fried chicken, yuzu mayo, banana peppers, tomatoes, and arugula.

The K-Pop - Leopold’s Tavern Academy (Winnipeg, MB)

Leopold’s Tavern Academy is going all out with an Asian fusion-inspired K-Pop burger with house made Korean barbecue sauce and kimchi infused Japanese mayo, thick cut bacon, Vietnamese pickled carrots, cucumber, and hoisin sauce, topped with popped rice noodles and served with taeng kwa hot sauce.

The Local Hero - Chosabi Asian Eatery (Winnipeg, MB)

One of the most creative offerings on our list comes courtesy of Winnipeg’s Chosabi Asian Eatery.  The Local Hero features a Manitoba pickerel patty topped with crab meat, wasabi tartar sauce, sweet soya, Japanese pickled radish, and mixed greens on a roasted sushi rice bun.

The Space Jam Burger - Meal Set Bistro (Winnipeg, MB)

If you’ve ever wondered what kind of extravagant meal MJ and the Looney Tunes treated themselves after defeating the Monstars, this is likely it. 

Meal Set Bistro’s Space Jam Burger features a beet-infused red brioche bun topped with a soft shell crab and filled with two wagyu beef patties, cheddar cheese, blueberry compote, candied bacon, a sunny side up egg with 24k gold flakes, fresh roma tomatoes, coral lettuce, panko onion ring, deep fried pickles, and jalapeño honey mustard aioli. 

Le Salopard - Jack le Coq (Montreal, QC)

This sweet and spicy burger creation from Jack le Coq will be available at both of its Quebec locations. The towering Le Salopard is layered with hot honey coated chicken tenders, fried cheese, honey mustard, pickles, coleslaw, and chopped peppers de cerise on a potato bun. 

Sea Burger - Seasalt (Montreal, QC)

Seasalt has assembled some of its most popular seafood offerings into one enigmatic burger concoction. The Sea Burger contains Seasalt’s signature homemade crab cake, a butter poached lobster tail, fried calamari, red cabbage slaw, and house remoulade on a bread potato bun.