Applications now open for Proper Television's new baking competition

A new cooking competition series is in search of Canada’s most talented cake-makers

A new baking competition series from Proper Television is coming to Canada in the very near future that will seek to shine a spotlight on undiscovered cake creators from various regions across the country, before ultimately crowning one competitor as Canada’s best cake-maker. 

The competition—which will air on an undisclosed major network—announced this week that it has officially begun seeking applications from prospective home bakers who connect with their community through cake artistry. 

Similar to other cooking competitions, Proper Television's new series has a rather comprehensive checklist that offers applicants the opportunity to share everything from their cake cooking credentials to their cake creation style, to uploading introduction videos and photo samples of past creations.

Although the application form does not stipulate a specific timeline to apply by, we know the show is expected to start filming as early as July, so we advise interested applicants apply sooner than later.