Calgary’s Culinary Coworking announces new expansion

Calgary’s first shared kitchen space just got significantly bigger

Although the turbulent state of Calgary’s food and beverage scene in 2019 was very quickly overshadowed by the pandemic, at the time, rising rental rates, steep property taxes and high employer costs had begun to produce one of the most trying time frames in Calgary’s pre-pandemic era. 

In response, father-and-son entrepreneurial duo Herbert and Andrew Obrecht opened the city’s first shared commercial kitchen space dedicated to offering culinary students, aspiring chefs, and food businesses a collaborative environment where they can learn and grow. 

Since then, the pandemic has drastically increased the Calgary culinary community’s need for such a service, and once again, the Obrechts have risen to meet the challenge by increasing their Culinary Coworking space from 3,900 square-feet into a whopping 10,700 square-feet. 

“Beyond just launching a coworking space, we wanted to create a community hub to support culinary entrepreneurs in Calgary,” said co-founder Andrew Obrecht. “Through Culinary Coworking, we have created a space where all types of food producers can come together and operate. We truly believe that a rising tide raises all ships, and the collective success of our group of members creates momentum within each business that is a part of Culinary Coworking.”

The kitchen itself is open 24/7 and offers a wide array of commercial equipment that members can use to produce their products. By operating on a flexible pricing model, members can select customized memberships that best suit their needs based on the amount of kitchen time they require. 

More information about Culinary Coworking can be found online