Canadian robotics company launches The Pledge to Stop Food Waste campaign

Vancouver’s TrendiTech Inc. issues 21-day Food Waste Challenge

This week, Canadian robotics company TrendiTech Inc. launched a creative new campaign to help build awareness, create conversation, and mobilize action toward reducing food waste. 

The Vancouver-based start-up uses A.I.-driven robotics to help the farm and food industry rescue and upcycle food waste into nutrient-dense products that can then be widely distributed to both consumers and Canadians facing food insecurity. 

The company’s new Pledge to Stop Food Waste campaign aims to rally Canadians behind its commitment to hit the UN’s Sustainable Development food waste targets, which is to halve per capita global food waste by 2030, while providing participants with tools to reduce food waste through food saving habits, storage and repurposing tips, food waste diary and measurement information, and more. 


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“1.3 billion tonnes of food is wasted annually and almost 50 per cent of food waste comes from households,” explains Carissa Campeotto, co-founder and CMO of Trendi. “Our goal with The Pledge to Stop Food Waste is to empower people to change their lifestyle and make a commitment to reducing food waste over time. Every step and action taken, either big or small, makes a difference. Our 21 Day Food Waste Challenge assists people in making these choices, and we look forward to seeing how participants do.”

The  21-Day Food Waste Challenge tasks participants—who can range from a single individual to a full-fledged business—to reduce and track their food waste by categories such as vegetables, fruits, food packaging, and protein. 

More information about Trendi, the campaign, and how to participate in the 21-day challenge can be found online.