Love Food Hate Waste movement expands to Alberta

The Canadian zero-waste initiative finally arrives in Alberta

Since launching in Toronto back in 2019, the National Zero Waste Council’s Love Food Hate Waste (LFHW) initiative has been partnering with local governments and retailers to deliver simple strategies to reduce food waste at home. 

This week, the LFHW announced that the Recycling Council of Alberta, Strathcona County, and the City of Lethbridge have all signed on to join the Canada-wide initiative and its mission to prevent food waste through in-person events and outreach, social media engagement, advertising, and more. 

“Environmental responsibility is one of the key areas of Council’s strategic focus,” says City of Lethbridge Mayor, Blaine Hyggen. “This new partnership will help us to raise awareness of food wastage within our community, lessen the load at our landfill and contribute to the push to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by our community.”

More information about Love Food Hate Waste Canada and its practical methods for reducing food waste at home can be found online.