ICYMI: Canada's 50 best bars revealed, Love Food Hate Waste campaign underway in Toronto, and more

Here are six stories you might have missed in food news this week

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One of the most prevalent recurring stories of 2019 is what Canadians have been doing to combat the global food waste crisis. In case you missed January’s Food Waste Report, nearly 60 per cent of food produced in Canada is wasted annually. Each week, more and more Canadians are stepping up to face this challenge, but it seems like each success story is juxtaposed by an area where we have unfortunately fallen short.

This week, the Love Food Hate Waste campaign kicked off in Toronto. The campaign aims to reduce avoidable food waste by informing and inspiring Canadians through social media to find creative ways to do more with food in order to waste less. In places like Nunavut--where despite a budget of $99 million, food insecurity continues to be a persistent problem--finding unconventional ways to waste less may be exactly what’s needed.

Here are six stories you might have missed in food news this week.


Love Food Hate Waste campaign underway in Toronto

It’s no secret that food waste has become a global epidemic, but that hasn’t stopped numerous Canadians from taking steps toward a better future. The Love Food Hate Waste campaign aims to reduce Canadians’ avoidable waste by working with businesses, governments, and community groups across the country to inspire and empower individuals through social media to make their food go further.

Find out more at CTV News.

Canada's 50 best bars revealed

Canada’s 100 Best lists always create a buzz and its list of 50 Best Bars is no different. Unsurprisingly, Vancouver and Toronto have dominated this year’s rankings, accounting for five of the top ten spots. For the second year in a row, Toronto’s Bar Raval has been named the best overall bar, while Vancouver’s The Keefer Bar has once again received the runner up position.

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City of Calgary issues cease-and-desist order against Calgary brewers

In March, Bow River Brewing and Elite Brewing received a cease-and-desist order from the city of Calgary in regards to their usage of the name “Fort Calgary” in their latest brew. On Wednesday, it was announced that city officials and the brewers had come to an agreement to allow the sale of the Fort Calgary ISA until July 30, or when the product sells out.

Find the full story at the Calgary Herald.

Nunavut households struggling to put food on the table

A recent study published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal showed that since the implementation of the Nutrition North Canada program, Nunavut food security has actually decreased. The study states that despite the program’s $99 million budget, food insecurity due to financial restraints has affected 33 per cent of Nunavut households.

Head to CTV News for the full story. 

Manitoba leads Canadian provinces in food delivery app usage

A new poll has revealed that 45 per cent of Manitobans have used an app to have food delivered, compared to the national average of 29 per cent. Some have wondered whether it’s due to Winnipeg being the home base of SkipTheDishes or whether it’s simply because it stays cold there the longest.

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Ontario firefighter claims human rights violation for lack of vegan options

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry is under some heat after a complaint was filed to the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario by 40-year-old firefighter Adam Knauff. Knauff alleges he was not provided sufficient vegan food while fighting fires in B.C. Due to his commitment to ethical veganism, he claims his human rights were violated.

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