ICYMI: New food waste study, Calgary’s backyard hen program, and more

Here are five stories you might have missed this week

From a unique backyard hen program launching in Calgary to a new food waste study from Dalhousie University that pinpoints one of the key reasons food waste continues to plague the country, to problems persisting in both the potato and poultry industries, here are five food stories you might have missed this week.

Six-month study reveals Canadians wasted more than $500 million worth of food

A new study from Dalhousie University took a six-month look at Canadian households and found that Canadians have wasted upwards of $500 million in food. According to the report, the phenomena known as “shelflation”—a term used to describe when the shelf-life of products is compromised by supply chain problems—was the primary cause for the majority of waste.

The study goes on to state that 63 per cent of Canadians have thrown out food prematurely in the last six months, of which 45 per cent was produce, 31 per cent dairy, 27 per cent bakery products, and 17 per cent meat.

Get the full story from CTV News.

Calgary’s urban hen program

The City of Calgary’s urban hen program gets underway this month, which will permit some citizens to keep up to four hens in their backyard. The program will accept 100 applicants in its first year, but if demand exceeds that number, applicants will be selected via a random lottery.

The hurban hen licensing lottery will open on Monday, March 21 and will remain open until Monday, April 18. Head to Global News for more information.

New case of avian flu in Atlantic Canada

In the wake of the discovery of avian influenza in Nova Scotia, P.E.I., and Newfoundland and Labrador over the last few months, yet another case was recently reported in Atlantic Canada—this time from New Brunswick. 

While the news hasn’t appeared to spark any new trade restrictions, those that are currently in place from countries like South Korea and the Philippines aren’t likely to be lifted any time soon. 

Find the full story at CTV News.

P.E.I.’s potato wart woes continue

Just as things seemed to be moving in a positive direction for P.E.I. potato farmers, a new potato wart was recently found in a third field in the province. Thankfully, the farm in question does not export to Puerto Rico, and federal Agriculture Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau has expressed optimism that shipments to the U.S. mainland could resume within a couple of weeks. 

Visit CTV News for the full breakdown.

Calgary’s Village Ice Cream raises over $100,000 in humanitarian aid for Ukraine

This story appeared on our radar shortly after we shared some of the ways Canada’s hospitality community has stepped up to support Ukraine, but we would be remiss not to share it now. 

All five Village Ice Cream Calgary locations took part in a one-day fundraiser effort last week that produced some of the longest lineups in the perennially popular ice cream purveyor’s history, while collecting a total of $100,476 for the Canada-Ukraine Foundation. 

Head to the Calgary Herald for more information about the fundraiser as well as a few other ways Calgary businesses have shown support to Ukraine.