Quebec’s GoGo Quinoa launches Canada’s first plastic-neutral cereal

The Quebec-based quinoa brand is significantly reducing its plastic footprint

After introducing North America to the idea of fair trade certified quinoa back in 2004, Quebec-based quinoa company GoGo Quinoa recently celebrated another industry-disrupting first in Canada this month with the launch of a new plastic-neutral cereal line.

GoGo Quinoa’s new plastic-neutral line was developed in partnership with plastic waste reduction initiative rePurpose Global in an effort to reduce the company’s plastic footprint by eliminating nearly 14 tons of plastic in under two years. 


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“As someone with a long term passion for environmental protection, I decided to take responsibility in our hands by reducing our plastic footprint with a series of innovative, pioneering eco-initiatives,” explains GoGo Quinoa sustainability advisor Amanda Bravo-Mendoza. “I hope our work and successes can help keep the planet healthy, while inspiring other companies like ours to realise what’s possible.”

GoGo Quinoa is currently in the process of implementing similar eco-forward packaging transitions with other products. So far, the plastic neutral-line itself has been the recipient of a CTAQ Food Innovation Ward and is currently in the running for a Retail Council of Canada Canadian Grand Prix New Products Award.

GoGo Quinoa products can be purchased online with Canada-wide shipping and at various retailers throughout the country.