Canadian DYK: The 2019 Calgary Stampede held a pancake breakfast that only produced one bag of trash

The Calgary Stampede once held a pancake breakfast that produced only 13kg of trash! 

Image courtesy of The Calgary Stampede's Facebook page

In honour of the Calgary Stampede--which would have kicked off on July 2nd had it not been for the pandemic--we are looking back to a 2019 event, which reduced its environmental footprint to just 13kg of trash!If you have ever been to one of the Stampede's many pancake breakfasts, you know how much trash can be created. Whether it be sticky syrup-covered plates, bent plastic forks or squished juice boxes, the garbage cans are usually overflowing. 

Although the Calgary Stampede is best known as the "Greatest Show on Earth," it is not known for great environmental sustainability practices. For example, during the 10 days of Stampede in 2018, 306.4 tonnes of waste was sent to the landfill. That was until 2019, when the Stampede decided to change this reputation, so it set out on a mission to hold one of its most famous events, a pancake breakfast, while producing as little waste as possible. 


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Environmental coordinator, Xaviere Schneider, made this possible through the exclusive use of compostable and biodegradable plates and cups. The only items that ended up in the final 13kg of trash (which is the equivalent of one trash bag) were juice box straws and wrappers, all while serving 20,000 pancakes. 

Reminder: Even though the Calgary Stampede is cancelled, Stampede Park will open its doors for a mini donut drive-thru, BMO's Kids' Day Pancake Drive-Thru Breakfast and the Stampede Food Truck Rally.