Check it Out: Mott 32 Vancouver’s spot prawn features

Mott 32’s seasonal spot prawn menu is now available for a limited time

Photos by Leila Kwok

Over the weekend, Vancouver’s Mott 32 unveiled a stunning lineup of spot prawn features that aim to spotlight the versatility of the sustainable catch while celebrating the province’s short, but sweet spot prawn season.

Designed by chefs Hongwei He and Jian Hui Li, Mott 32’s seasonal spot prawn features range from sweet spot prawns with fresh fruits and chum salmon caviar to steamed spot prawns with pickled chili and vermicelli,  to twice wok-fried soy spot prawns with ginger, scallion, and soy. 


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Additionally, for this year’s spot prawn season, Mott 32 has enlisted the services of wine director Robert Stelmachuk, who has curated an array of B.C.-produced wine pairings for each of the feature dishes. 

Mott 32’s spot prawn features will be available on both the nightly dinner and weekend lunch menus. Patrons will also be able to purchase spot prawns by the pound at market price for the duration of spot prawn season (usually about one month). Reservations can be made online