Earls Restaurant Group launches natural wines program

Earls will now offer a selection of biodynamic and organic wines by the glass at many of its North American locations

Last week, Earls Restaurant Group announced that it will now provide a selection of natural wines to its menus in B.C., Alberta, Ontario, and the U.S. in an attempt to offer guests more health- and environmentally-conscious options. 

Having already refocused its food offerings in late 2018 with more plant-based offerings, the inclusion of a similar drink program was a logical progression for the restaurant chain. 

Earls’ new selection of natural wines was curated by sommelier David Stansfield to represent some of the world leaders in the natural wine movement, including B.C., France, California, and Australia. 

“I love natural wines,” says Stansfield. “They’re some of my favourite wines to drink right now. And not just because they’re better for the environment, but because they’re fun, a bit funky, and something trendy for our guests to enjoy.”


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Earls’ wines are priced between $10.75 and $22.50 per glass and offered in 5 oz., 7 oz. or 9 oz. glasses. Prices and selection vary based on location.