End of the Rainbow Foundation launches Pride Food YYC campaign

Pride Food YYC releases a line up of Pride-themed food items in support of LGBTQ+ refugees

Calcutta Cricket Club's “Peaches n’ Cream” panna cotta

This past weekend, the End of the Rainbow Foundation announced a new campaign to support the Calgary Rainbow Railroad Station and the recent influx of LGBTQ+ refugees they’ve received as a result of COVID-19.

For Pride Food YYC, End of the Rainbow have partnered with Native Tongues, Calcutta Cricket Club, Monogram Coffee, Madison’s 1212, and Ol’ Beautiful Brewing Company to create a line of Pride-themed food and drink items. 


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Each participating location will feature one Pride-related item from now until September 6, and proceeds from each item will go directly toward supporting LGBTQ+ refugees. More information as well as alternative donation options can be found online.