GoodLeaf and the University of Guelph launch announce new partnership

A collaboration to enhance vertical farming practices in Canada

Image via GoodLeaf Farms' Facebook page

This week, the University of Guelph and GoodLeaf Farms announced a new partnership that will aim to build stronger links between theoretical research and development through practical applications of vertical farm technology. 

Vertical farming is an innovative growing process that allows plants to grow naturally with the help of hydroponics and specialized LED lights that mimic waves from the light spectrum that plants need to maximize photosynthesis without the use of pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, and far less water than traditional farming methods. 


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By combining Canada’s largest commercial vertical farm with one of Canada’s leading agricultural universities, the two parties plan to build on the existing science and engineering of vertical farming. 

“This partnership embodies something that’s incredibly important at University of Guelph—connecting our research with the world to improve life,” says Malcolm Campbell, vice-president (research) at the University of Guelph. “As our stellar researchers find ways to advance the vertical farming industry, their innovations will be tested and used in real-time, which means real-world impact—a more sustainable food system for Canadians.”  

Some of the projects already in the works include research into enhancing yields, growing compounds and microbiology, as well as human resources and training future experts in the field of vertical farming.

More information about the collaboration can be found online.