ICYMI: Calgary grocer gives back, Montreal delivery start-up gains traction, and more

Here are five stories you might have missed in food news this week

Since the start of the pandemic, fundamental problems with the relationship between delivery apps and restaurants have been well-documented, but solutions have been sparse. One Montreal-based start-up is beginning to give companies like Uber Eats and SkipTheDishes a run for their money with a new model offering reduced fees. 

Speaking of reducing costs, a Calgary grocer has just launched a unique fundraiser this weekend for those in need that offers shoppers “pay-what-you-can” prices.

Finally, just northwest of Calgary, Alberta’s iconic Jasper Park Lodge was the source of significant social media buzz and speculation this week after CBC News confirmed that the entirety of the hotel has been booked by a single mystery guest for a period of nine weeks. Although nothing has been confirmed, many appear to believe the booking will be used to film The Bachelorette

Here are five stories you might have missed in food news this week.

Calgary grocer launches “pay-what-you-can” program

A unique fundraiser from Calgary’s European Deli and Produce Market kicks off this weekend that will see the family-owned grocer offer up staple produce products at “pay-what-you-can” prices.

In addition to helping less fortunate Calgarians find affordable grocery items, 100 per cent of all proceeds will go toward supporting local businesses that have been negatively impacted by the pandemic. 

Head to CBC News for more.

Edmonton explores relaxed alcohol consumption rules

Edmonton city council members passed a motion this week to begin exploring options to allow alcohol consumption in designated outdoor areas. City administers are currently working with the public to identify potential sites in municipal parks that would be appropriate for drinking, and have been asked to provide a report to summarize the results of engagement, expected costs, and timelines for installation.  

Find the full breakdown at CBC News.

Montreal start-up meal delivery service gains tractio


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Montreal start-up CHK PLZ has been making waves recently as restaurants continue to move away from companies like Uber Eats and SkipTheDishes in favour of their more cost-efficient model. 

While the aforementioned delivery app companies can severely mitigate profitability with charges of up to 30 per cent per transaction, CHK PLZ currently offers a monthly fee of $30 and only charges about 3 per cent per transaction. 

Check out Global News for more.

Fraudulent DoorDash charges linked to TD Bank clients

A number of Toronto Dominion Bank clients have reportedly received a series fraudulent DoorDash charges on their accounts during the pandemic. DoorDash is currently working with the bank to reimburse the funds, but have yet to determine how the breach occurred. 

The fraudulent charges appear to only be happening with TD Bank, however some sources have stated that the issue could potentially be more widespread. 

Find the full report at CTV News.

Mysterious guest books entire Alberta’s Jasper Park Lodge for 9 weeks

This week, CBC News confirmed that the entirety of Alberta’s beloved 446-room Jasper Park Lodge has been reserved by a single guest for a period of nine weeks. Although the Fairmont hotel won’t say who the mystery guest is, other prospective guests who had previously made bookings between Feb. 23 - April 29 have had their reservations cancelled, which has led to significant speculation on social media. 

Visit CBC News for the full story.