ICYMI: Rising demand on food banks, Canada’s first Upcycled Food Fest, and more

Here are five food stories you may have missed this week

From a concerning report from Food Bank Canada indicating a near-unprecedented rise in nationwide demand since the onset of the pandemic to encouraging initiatives like Winnipeg’s composting pilot program and a unique upcycled food festival debuting in Toronto, here is a handful of notable food-related news stories you may have missed over the past week.

Food Banks Canada reports rising demand

According to Food Banks Canada’s recent HungerCount 2021 report, the period of time since the onset of the pandemic has produced the largest increase in demand for food banks across the country since the Great Recession of 2008.

Although local organizations have worked diligently to ensure no one in need gets turned away, experts suggest programs such as rent support, revamped employee insurance policies, and poverty reduction measures are needed to continue meeting demand. 

Head to CBC News for the full story.

Too Good To Go launches in Montreal

After launching in Toronto and Vancouver earlier this year, social impact company and the world’s largest marketplace for excess food, Too Good To Go made its debut in Montreal. In the four months since coming to Canada, Too Good To Go has amassed over 600 partners while saving more than 52,000 meals for those in need. 

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Beef industry’s role in climate crisis

Although Canada continues to look for ways to reduce methane emissions within the oil and gas industry, when it comes to mitigating methane-producing agriculture, neither regulations nor federal targets have been put in place. 

Some reports suggest that Canada’s agricultural industry accounts for 24 per cent of the country’s total methane emissions, and as a result many expect the industry to come under increasing pressure to seek out new technologies to tackle the issue.   

Read more at Global News.

Canada’s first Upcycled Food Fest comes to Ontario

A new month-long food festival is coming to the Greater Toronto Area in November that will bring together the local food and beverage community to showcase new and inventive ways to utilize foods that would otherwise end up in landfills.

Find out more about the Upcycled Food Fest at Restobiz.

Winnipeg composting pilot program posts promising update

After roughly one year since its inception, Winnipeg’s residential food waste collection pilot project reported this week that so far, it has converted approximately 440,000 kilograms of food waste into compost. 

According to the report, the diverted food waste represents a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to a vehicle driving 412,550 kilometers. If the two-year program is deemed successful, the City says it could become a regular city-wide service. 

Find the full story at Global News.