ICYMI: Sea lions terrorize BC salmon farms, Alberta's new patio pet policy, and more

Here are five Canadian food news stories from the past week 

It’s been another interesting week in the world of Canadian food news. From Alberta relaxing regulations to allow for more dog-friendly patios this summer to an award-winning Montreal-born chef disrupting toxic restaurant culture in Italy, to a herd of sea lions wreaking havoc on several B.C. salmon farms, here are five stories you might have missed this week.

Sea lions terrorize B.C. salmon farms

A group of sea lions have been breaking into several B.C. salmon farms and according to reports, have been gorging on fish and refuse to leave. Sea lions consume roughly six per cent of their body weight every day, yet despite the financial loss incurred, arguably the greatest concern is the threat of sea lions getting entangled in the enclosures’ many nets. 

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Montreal chef launches restaurant in Italy that is staffed with immigrant women


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Acclaimed Montreal-born chef Jessica Rosval recently launched a new restaurant in Italy where she trains immigrant women to become chefs. In addition to encouraging the chefs-in-training to showcase their native cuisine, chef Rosval hopes that Roots will help to reinvent restaurant culture and remove the toxic boys’ club culture that exists today. 

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University greenhouse hopes to address food insecurity in northern Manitoba

A near-net-zero energy greenhouse on one of Manitoba’s University College of the North’s campuses is hoping its year-round production of produce will soon help reduce food insecurity in northern Manitoba. 

Although the program is still in the proof-of-concept stage, the greenhouse has already begun supplying the campus cafeteria and culinary arts students with a steady supply of fresh produce. 

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Patio pet regulations relaxed in Alberta

The Alberta government recently announced a change to its patio pet policy that will allow restaurants, bars, and coffee shops throughout the province to welcome non-service dogs on their patios without requesting authorization from AHS. 

Check out Global News for a full breakdown.

Makers of Twisted Tea to launch cannabis-infused iced tea in Canada

The makers of Twisted Tea and Samuel Adams beer are reportedly getting ready to release a cannabis-infused iced tea in Canada this summer. The TeaPot cannabis iced tea, which contains 5 milligrams of THC, will be one of the first products from a big U.S.-based alcohol company to enter the cannabis market. 

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